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Generals Conditions of Hiring

These conditions are regarded as accepted by the customer since the confirmation of order or assumption of responsibility of the material. Our prices for the hiring mean all inclusive of tax at the rate of VAT in force at the time of the service, except transport for the utilisation period according to tariffs' in force.

Any request is the subject of an estimate which the tenant turns over signed accompanied by an installment of 30%. The order becomes effective then subject to the availability of the rented material. For any order a deposit not deposited is requested from the customer at the time of the provision of the material and will be restored with the return of the material and after cashing of the invoices. The amount of the deposit is equal to the double of the price of hiring. On the guarantee all sums which had by the customer including transport or degradation of the rented material are ascribable. No order can less than 3 days before the provision or the delivery. The cancellation of an order less than 10 days before the date envisaged involves the invoicing of an allowance of cancellation equal to 30% of the price of the hiring
The tenant can come to remove itself the order with Saint Vincent de Cosse. When a delivery is envisaged it into force gives place to invoicing according to tariff conditions'. The delivered material gets along not installed. In all the case the tenant admits receiving the material in good condition, and being informed of operation, the assembly and the handling of the material. A contradictory inventory will be carried out with the provision and the return of the rented material. The customer must be present in order to sign this inventory. In the absence of signature of the customer, no dispute will be allowed, only the inventory of the hirer out will be taken.
The material is delivered in specific packing in good presentation and operating condition. The tenant must take delivery of them with the delivery and the recovery and make the reserves on the apparent defects, failing this it is supposed to have received them in good condition. The material will be returned salts emptied and disencumbered of waste and arranged in the initial state. In the event of hiring of tablecloth, the use of candle apart from containers avoiding run-outs and wax splashes is prohibited. With defect, expenses of cleaning could be invoicees. Any deteriorated material, broken or lost, any burn on tablecloths and towels will be invoiced with the customer according to the tariff loss or breakage in force.
" Table d'un Jour " is insured against any risk of civil liability. The responsibility and the guard of the rented material are transferred to the customer at the time of the provision. The customer must ensure himself for transport of the material if that Ci is organized by him even. The customer commits himself being useful himself of the material under normal conditions of use. In the contrary case " Table d'un Jour " could not be held for person in charge for all physical or material injuries.
Any invoice is payable the cash as of reception. Any delay of payment will involve penalties.
The deposit will be restored after complete payment of the invoices under about eight.
The rented material remains the whole property of " Table d'un Jour " and the customer avoids letting it seize by one of his creditors.
For any litigation and dispute only the court of the seat of the company will be qualified.

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